Houses at ZAD Global School

ZGS believe in the spirit of active participation and the House System is one step in direction to achieve that. School is divided into FOUR  houses. The House System helps students to explore and exhibit their skills in various activities. We believe in scaling the heights, broadening horizons, upgrading standards, beating the clock and bettering the best.

Each house has a House Captain , Vice-Captain and Prefects. Inter-house activities and special assemblies are conducted throughout the year to develop the spirit of competition and team work among the students. Whether best house of the year  awarded trophy and on which day? Ex- Annual Year function


Sky is the Limit

Represented by colour BLUE the house is inspired from one of the Olympics motto – ALTIUS meaning HIGHER. The house aims to root the foundation and to be inspired to touch the heights. Stability provides wings to imagination and the house firmly believes in it.


This house takes inspiration from the Olympics Motto – CITIUS meaning FASTER. The house is represented by the colour GREEN symbolising growth. The motto and the hue of house represents a beautiful juxtapose. House motivates students to keep up the pace but with clear goal and calm mind. 

The combination simply represents the key to balanced growth.


Action, passion, energy, courage and strength are forte of Red. Another house inspired by the Olympics motto is FORTIUS interpreted in English as STRONGER. As represented by its colour, house aims to lay the foundation and make students fearless and courageous to follow their passion.


All three houses above are inspiration for introduction of fourth quality after which the house takes its name – GENIUS. YELLOW, the colour of the house represents intellectuality. House aims to bring out creative side of students and lead the world as an example. It motivates students to remain inspired and let the vibes travel.