Zad Global School

Rainbow Activities



Science Exhibition

Children love to discover new things in their daily life. Science Modelling activity shows this natural instinct of children and aims at making learning an enjoyable experience. It not only strengthens their concepts, but also develops the love for Science in them.
The students of Senior Section as well as Junior Section toil together to create models based on simple Scientific Principles like magnetism, reflection of light, flow og electricity, sound waves and the different system of the human body.
Different group work together enthusiastically throughout the year , performing a variety of simple experiments. Together they organize an exhibition on its Annual Day. It is always a grand success and a pleasure for all who come to visit.



The world is heading towards globalization. In this globalised world, exposure and travelling is very important for growth. Hence, the previous year's saw some students visiting the Rajaji National Park, Aries in Nainital, Folk Art Museum in Bhimtal, Tea Garden in Shyamkhet, F.R.I and many other places. The excursion gave a new dimension to the thrilling activities of the students. These tours are educational as well as recreational for the students. It is a life time experience for the students as it is a lesson out of the text books.

Apart from the above activities Mehendi, Salad Decoration, Best Out Of Waste, Fancy Dress, Theatre, Debate, Speech etc are some of the many activities available for students to choose from. They help in development of younger students and later lead to a fine aesthetic refinement.


Theme Days

Besides these activities Rainbow students also have a choice of joining many clubs to develop their skills. Debating and Dramatics Clubs ,Science club , Cleanliness club ,Disciplinary club , Literary club , Poetry Forums, Eco-club, Gardening club ,Computer Science club are brimming with students who are consciously enhancing their expertise in these fields , beyond classroom teaching.
Apart from this we celebrate our Theme Days like Blue Day, Green Day, Little Stars Day, Rainy Day, Pink Day, Fruits Day, Vegetable Day, Balloon Day, Birthdays etc. in our Nursery Section to make their study entertaining.

Rangoli Competition

Rangoli is art of putting colors on the ground in such a manner that it makes the viewers ecstatic. This art has been in practice for past many years and can be found all over India and some parts of the world .
Under the artistic eyes of our Drawing teachers, our students are learning to make Rangoli. It is made to celebrate the auspicious festivals of our school like Republic Day, Independence Day, Annual Day etc. The students take part in Rangoli competition organized by our school and on district level and tried to make unbelievably beautiful .
In this activity ,the students and the teachers alike put in a lot of effort to give a grand opulent display of creativity every year.



we get mesmerized when we see the wonderful dance.
Dance is the art of performing graceful steps with loud and beautiful expressions which can easily communicate with viewers.
The children of RPS show great zeal and enthusiasm towards this activity.
Right from the beginning, our dancers have performed beautifully and have won accolades. The excellent performance by the children gave an overwhelming response for the activity . the dances of our school performed in many occasions and it was a great success and gave immense pleasure to the viewers.



Needless to say , Aesthetic development is given its full due importance in the education model activities like art, Painting, Glass Painting, Nib Painting, Clay Modelling are some of the many activities available for students. The Rainbonians participate in the coloring competition with full vigor and enthusiasm. It is an enriching and fabulous experience for the students when they unleashed their imagination and find themselves in the colorful world. Their joyful sprit at colors to our school. The results are always really amazing and the vibrant colorful entries live every one spell bound.

Sports and Games

Sports education is an integral part of our curriculum. We aim towards building a minimum level of competence in each child. Sports doesn't just build character, it reveals character. Sports is a religion in our country and we Indian are its devoted followers. The students of RPS are no exception to these famous lines.
We have a teem with players who are fitted with team spirit, a willingness to work hard, a go getting attitude and most importantly immense talent. That is exactly why the school team wins accolades and applauses wherever it goes. It has achieved many difficult feats every year. Our school shine every sports competition it participated in.


Drama Event

Spiritual growth is to a student what flowering is to a plant. A plant may seem healthy, beautiful, lush and green even if it has not flowered but its fulfillment lies in its flowering. Similarly, a human being, unaware of the presence of and connectivity with the Divine, may seem complete and happy. In this regard, we expose our students to a variety of plays, dance drama on spiritual matters such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas etc.


Yoga Class

At Rainbow Public School, Yoga helps children see the beauty and light within themselves, thereby boosting their self-confidence, allowing them to feel more comfortable with their bodies, and helping them get in touch with who they are inside. A child who learns yoga, mindfulness and relaxation will be developing essential skills for a lifetime of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Rainbow Assemblies


Before starting our work in RPS , we offer our prayers to Maa Saraswati .....
Fair as a Jasmine flower,
Dressed in white with the graceful Veena,
Glorified by Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva,
Protect us, Oh Goddess ! Saraswati, remover of ignorance inert.

We have morning assembly based on Universal Values, Health Education and Life Skills. Festivals, important days and events are celebrated to keep children aware of our culture and tradition.



The rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions and the consequent suffering of mankind and the nature have become major issues of concern in the recent years. To discuss the various aspects and solutions to these changes and to become enlightened enough to be able to play our parts in conserving the environment, we have organized an ECO CLUB in our school which is a small initiative but a big step towards making children 'environment conscious' Enthusiastic students with conviction and their minds set on making a mark and playing an active part in improving the environment joined this activity.

In this regard, the students of our school planted varieties of saplings planted into the school field since last many years. There is indeed no joy greater than the contentment of seeing our planted saplings growing into tall, beautiful trees and the satisfaction achieved by making a little contribution towards making our earth a greener and a more beautiful planet to live on.


Creative Writing in Hindi /English

Every student is a bundle of opportunities and infinite possibilities. The aim of this activity is to develop the hidden talent of creative writing in students. Language is a powerful tool for the expression of thoughts and feelings. The budding writers use this platform to express their feelings, emotions and ideas in writing. The teacher in-charge is only a guide here. Creative writing activity gives the young restless minds ample opportunity to explore themselves and their social milieu. The results of our efforts, many a times are mind-blowing . Students get training of communication, literary criticism and style. The students' contributions are generally published in school chronicle and News Letter. Some students express their feelings beautifully in the form of poems. Their poems are specially appreciated.

Social Outreach

RPS's Students are participate in social Outreach Programme conducted by our school. These visits give them an opportunity to empathize with the disadvantaged and be thankful for the countless blessings that they themselves have received. Students interact with the inmates and bond with the underprivileged. They learn the joy of sharing and caring and the day of interaction becomes a memorable one both for themselves and those they visit.



Quizzing is an art that Rainbonians have perfected. Our students bagged the 1st ,2nd,3rd position in the prestigious Quiz Contest. They always are unstoppable wherever they go.