Zad Global School


Q1. When does the academic session start?

Ans. The Academic session starts from April 1 of a year to March 31st of next year.

Q2. What streams are available for students after class 10th?

Ans. ARTS, COMMERCE, AND SCIENCE. Please visit the Syllabus section in academics to get details.

Q3.Is the bus available in my area? 

Ans. Rainbow Public School has a bus fleet of 17 buses and the buses cover most of the areas of Srinagar Garhwal including main town Srinagar, Ufalda, Kirtinagar, Parag, Agency mohalla and Srikot.

Q4. When does summer/winter vacations start and end?

Ans. The Summer vacations start from mid-May (only for juniors) to June(for juniors and seniors).

Q5. Where do we buy school books and uniforms from?

Ans. No books are provided in the school, only school tracksuit and spare tie, belts are provided in case student loses hi/her during academic session.

Q6. What are the school timings for winters and summers?

Ans. 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM at the dot for Summers and 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM  in winters.

Q7. When does the half-yearly and final exams start?

Ans. The Half-yearly exams start around the mid-September the final exams start in 

Q7. Is there a late fee penalty?

Ans. Yes. Please submit the fees before 15 of the month to avoid late fees of Rs 40.

Q8Why am i not able to login to my school application?


Make sure that you are logging to the USER LOGIN option.Please make sure that the user name is entered as it is given to you. Also the password needs to be entered as it is. E.g do not confuse btween o and zero , I and L etc . Make sure that the upper case letters are entered in upper case and lowercase letters are entered in lower case.Make sure you are connected to the internet and and your application is updated. Also if everything is alright and still you're facing the issue, copy the link and open it in the browser and try to login.

Q 9. How do I make fee payment through application?


Step 1. Go to the link .
Step 2. After loging in to the account click on the 'Fees' tab on the left hand panel.

Step 3. On the extreme right find the blue colored 'Pay' tab for the month you want to pay the fee and click on it.
Step 4. After clicking you'll be redirected to the payment section where you'll get different alternatives to make the payment. Choose you're method of payment and continue to fill details and get the payment done easily. 

If you are using debit/credit card and UPI to pay the fees ,an extra charge of 1.1% of the total payment will be charged and paid to the online payment gateway provider.

In case of net banking a fix charge of Rs 25/- will be charged.