Zad Global School


1. Eligibility Criteria/Selection Procedure For School Captain.

1.1. Essential Criteria

1.1.1. The candidate should have done a number of community tasks. The higher the number of task certificates, the better chances candidate has to win.

1.1.2. Should excel in at least six extra curricular activities throughout previous academic session. Extra curricular activities include: basketball, football, dance, play, athletics, poetry, debate, speech, quiz etc.

1.1.3. Has a willingness to be involved in extracurricular activities.

1.1.4. Has strong communication skills and should be able to build rapport quickly.

1.1.5. Shows the ability to make decisions for themselves.

1.1.6. Should be self motivated, self disciplined, dedicated and responsible student.

1.2. Role Description

1.2.1. To provide leadership to the student body. The student body comprises of students, house captains, class representatives of the senior section building.

1.2.2. To represent and speak publicly on the behalf of the student body at school functions.

1.2.3. To represent the school at community functions.

1.3. Selection Procedure

1.3.1. Thecandidates will be marked on the basis on their interview, wherein the candidate scoring more marks will win.

1.3.2. In case of a draw(candidates scoring equal number of marks), the candidates will be elected on democratic basis. More number of votes will win.

1.3.3. In case of equal number of votes, a suitable method will decide the results.

1.4. Standard Operating Procedure For The School Captain

1.4.1. School captain will be responsible for maintaining the discipline amongst the students.

1.4.2. He/she will be responsible for daily assembly routines and will also keep a check on late comings.

1.4.3. He/she will have to set up a meeting with the school management on monthly basis and will discuss the issues faced by students. 1.4.4. He/she will represent the school in inter/intra-school competition and activities.

1.4.5. He/she will participate in community tasks on a monthly basis.

1.4.6. He/she will promote further leadership within the school.

1.4.7. Will have to be a good role model for other students.

1.4.8. Will work with the management to plan school wide events.

1.4.9. Will have to develop activities, events and leadership opportunities for the student body.

2. Selection Procedure For Class Representative

2.1. Post: 2(1 Boy and 1 Girl)

2.2. Procedure:

2.2.1. Prelim round: Ask students to volunteer for the post, in case they refuse select random students.

2.2.2. Strong personality and strong communication skills are a must.

2.2.3. Marks are not to be considered in case of class representative.

2.2.4. Should have some grip over a large group of students .

2.2.5. Should be a responsible student and have over 85%attendance in previous academic session.

2.2.6. Finally in case of a tie between two candidates a class voting must be done in democratic manner.

2.3. Responsibilities For Class Representatives.

2.3.1. Know his/her class well.

2.3.2. Be the medium between the class and the teacher.

2.3.3. Maintain discipline in the absence of the teacher.

2.3.4. Collect the homework and distribute the corrected copies and paper

2.3.5. Lead the class through the school activities.

2.3.6. Ensure that the materials required in the classroom are present.

2.3.7. Help the classmates improve through peer learning.

3. Selection procedure of house captains

3.1. Post: 4 (For each house, irrespective of gender.)

3.2. Selection Procedure:

3.3. Should excel in at least four extra curricular activities throughout previous academic session. Extra curricular activities include: basketball, football, dance, play, athletics, poetry, debate, speech, quiz etc.

3.4. Should not have any case of indiscipline against him/her.

3.5. Should be a responsible, self disciplined and self motivated personality.

4. ii. Roles And Responsibilities Of House Captains

4.1. Will chose the best students from the house for parade

4.2. Is in-charge of discipline of his house.

4.3. Will be responsible for maintaining the basic hygine of their respective houses.

4.4. Will represent the respective houses in school wide events.

4.5. Will check with the school calander/ event manager and will start practising for parade atleast 15 days before the major event.

4.6. Will co-operate with the school captain on bi-monthly basis to discuss the agendas or issues if any.

4.7. Will be responsible for implementing the rules and will be his/her duty that their respective house follows them.

4.8. In case of emergency ,he/she is authorised to directly meet with the school management.

4.9. In case of taking a disciplinary action he/she has to discuss with the school management .

4.10. Will have to maintain an attendance of at least 85% and above.

4.11. Will have to give best overall performance.

4.12. Will also be responsible to promote leadership quality.

4.13. Will meet physical education teacher everyday for daily assembly.

5. Student Code Of Conduct

5.1. School And Class Attendance

5.2. Parents/gaurdians and students are jointly responsible for ensuring that all students attend school.

5.3. The class teacher must update the class attendance in the app ASAP.

5.4. The class teacher must keep copies of all communications to parents when absenteeism is reported.

5.5. All the students are to arrive at the school before the official starting time. Late comings will be reported and adequate fines will be imposed.

5.6. No student can leave the school premise during school hours without a letter from parents.

6. School Uniform AndGeneral Appearances

6.1. Students will wear the school uniforms and will appear neat and tidy at all times with complete uniform.

6.2. No additions and alterations to the school uniform that are not in accordance with regulation will be allowed.

6.3. No earrings, jewellery, accessories, colored lenses or visible tattoes are allowed.

7. School Assembly

7.1. While entering the school, students will form a line and in only lines will the move. Any other group formation without PE teacher’s permission will be considered as in subordination.

7.2. All students will maintain diary for important and pending works and shall complete their work on the same day.

7.3. After getting off the school bus students will directly move to the school with normal pace.

7.4. Any student who is caught slacking off , will be punished appropriately or a penalty will be imposed.

7.5. While entering the school, all students have to be cautious about the surveillance cameras and should adhere to the basic etiquettes. 7.6. While joining the assembly lines everyone will join the lines directly without disturbing others and will keep their bags alongside. They will not disturb the preformed and adjusted lines.

7.7. The redcolored path in the school , is to be walked on and only it will be used by the students while walking in the lines.

7.8. No student should be found harming the school’s flora and fauna.

8. During classes

8.1. During the classes if any student is found outside the classes without an out pass or their teacher’s concern , it will be reported as case of insubordination. Three of such cases will lead to a disciplinary action called Disciplinary Action Plan.

8.2. If the student is persistent with such behaviour ,he/she will be kept in observation(Corrective Action Plan) for 2 weeks. If the observation doesn’t help the student . The school authority will use their discretion for his/her continuation in the school.