Zad Global School
Principal's Message




MISSION : We, the socially responsible organisation of educators ,educate the children and inculcate virtues such as humanity , etiquettes , manners and diligence into the child at the very young age ;laying the very foundation of  intellectual, intelligent, confident, courageous, empathetic and  cognizant individual thus securing a brilliant, sustainable and progressive future for the nation.


VISION : We envision discharging our educational services in the whole world wherever there is a knowledge craving soul, in the want of it. We aspire to provide better education in especially the hard to reach and geographically handicapped areas such as hills, mountains, desert, extremely poor areas , calamity affected areas etc.


DESCRIPTION : RAINBOW PUBLIC SCHOOL SAMITI (Est. 1992) is situated in the Himalayan Region of Srinagar Garhwal, Uttrakhand; alongside Alaknanda river . It has three schools, the first one 'RAINBOW PLAY AND PRIMARY' has classes from nursery to primary and is situated in Srinagar Garhwal(Pauri) , second is RAINBOW PUBLIC SCHOOL KANDAI, pre-primary to primary, in Kandai (Rudraprayag) and third branch in Chauras(Tehri) 'RAINBOW PUBLIC SCHOOL' with classes operating from Pre-primary to till class XIIth.